Yes, there is a way. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent the worst-case scenario—a total loss of driving privileges—from occurring. Caregivers can invite friends and family over for regular visits and, if possible, arrange social outings for the individual with dementia. In this area especially, an aggressive, experienced DMV hearing attorney could perhaps make the difference between keeping and losing your license. For most of us, our ability to see clearly and to focus especially in the dark decreases as we get older. But you can overcome this by emphasizing the changes you have made–and the fact that, as a consequence, you are presently able to drive safely.

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No order of suspension or revocation or the imposition california dmv report unsafe terms or conditions of probation shall become effective until 30 days after the giving of written notice thereof to the person affected, except that the department shall have authority to make any such order effective immediately upon the giving of notice when in its opinion because of the mental or physical california dmv report unsafe of the california dmv report unsafe such immediate action is required for the safety of the driver or other persons upon the highways.

When possible, the individual with dementia should be included dmc planning alternative means of transportation. As long as the form is signed by the reporting party, the DMV must investigate the accused driver to determine if they are a Negligent or Incompetent driver. This is so the DMV can personally evaluate you before it decides whether to renew your driver’s license.

Also, on the freeway, what should I do when an emergency vehicle is behind me? The individual is given the standard DMV written examination designed to test a person’s knowledge of the road. And what is the phone number?


History has shown that young males are typically more prone to Road Rage than other groups of drivers. I sure hope they stopped him, before anyone was hurt. The Definition of Strength.

Dementia, Driving, and California State Law | Family Caregiver Alliance

The accident is a wake-up call for Mark. Is there a way to report a reckless driver in California? Whereas, all landline calls goes to the Police or Sheriff Dept.

It is usually taken near your home and covers the routes you take most frequently. Attorneys Criminal Defense California Criminal Defense Being arrested for a crime does not necessarily mean you will be convicted.

And california dmv report unsafe a DMV employee suspects that a senior driver’s medical condition or mental state may prevent them from driving safely–that employee may report this back to the department. In my city, california dmv report unsafe I am seeing drivers not stopping for pedestrians.

While driving on the Hollywood Freeway, I observed an erratic driver who weaved and drifted out of his lane several times.

Resisting the loss of independence, some people with dementia may insist on continuing to drive even when their licenses are revoked. Ernie Sanchez of the California Highway Patrol.

Road Rage at the California DMV

As a result, the DMV decides to allow Mark to keep his license. Related Questions What happens when you report someone for reckless driving?

This information is forwarded to the Department of Motor Vehicles DMVwhich is authorized to take action against the driving privileges of any individual who is unable to safely operate a motor vehicle. If you or a loved one is an elderly driver and want to keep your California driving privileges and you are looking to hire an attorney for representation, we invite you to contact us at Shouse Law Group.


Knowledge shall be conclusively presumed if mailed notice has been given california dmv report unsafe the department to the person pursuant to Section Stephen is able to pass this california dmv report unsafe test–so he is able to keep a driver’s license allowing him to drive to those locations.

The written test allows DMV to determine not only the individual’s knowledge of driving laws, but more importantly, the individual’s mental competency and cognitive skills. Yes, there is a way. Did you know your driving history is public?

Can the California DMV Suspend a Senior Citizen’s Drivers License?

Smart Patients Caregivers Community In partnership with. He was just very elderly.

I eventually managed to get a good look at the driver, as well california dmv report unsafe his female passenger. However, other family members must sign the referral.

If it appears that the driver presents an immediate safety risk, DMV could take immediate action in lieu of re-examination. Learn More at truthfinder. In some instances, the law enforcement contact results in the arrest of one or more parties, but very often the facts to not rise to the level of criminal activity.