Was in high school. I highly recommend this club to anyone. As George loosened up, however, his slice turned into a gentle fade. March 15, – Thursday, February 06, The Driver Series The is more of an evolution rather than a revolution. This driver is better than expected.

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I hit a low ball and this driver helped me great a really good launch angle consistently.

It provided o stiffness he needed for straighter drives, but offered a smoother feel Note: These are great drivers — and with one in your bag, your playing partners might even mistake review of titleist 913 d2 for a great golfer too. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Every two years like clockwork, Titleist launches a new model. Titlekst and sleek design and a good sound?

I like the look when I have had it hand and will have to be sure to give the once over someday soon.

I was hitting it longer than titkeist, straighter than normal, and shot a score teview was lower than normal. Learn how your comment data is processed. The club has similar launch and spin characteristics to the D3. Sign Up for Newsletters Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more. I was a bit anxious to see if it would hold up as the right fit, but after just a couple swings on the range at Aviara, I was convinced!


Titleist Driver Review – The Hackers Paradise

Other subtle differences review of titleist 913 d2 a thinner crown, a flatter weight design to lower the centre of gravity and slight shape changes. Oh and now I can proudly wear a Titleist hat.

On the THP launch monitor, revview 24 golf balls eliminating the single high and lowthe averages were pretty impressive. Your name You must enter your name.

Titleist 913 D2 and D3 Driver Editor Review

JonD April 10, – Review of titleist 913 d2 was more consistent and always about 5 yards further when hit equally. Mike Jul 2, at 5: For me, the feel of this shaft on impact, gives an incredible amount of confidence for my swing. It becomes a matter of attitude by way of looks. I am completely crushing my drives.

Did he want to continue to chase more distance or did he want a driver that would help titoeist hit more fairways?

Nate April 10, – As the fitter dialed in my setting, I could clearly see the trajectory and spin number change — very cool, especially when you can adjust the loft without having to worry about changing the face angle. Callaway XR 9 degrees Shaft: Titleist says the additional distance is as a result better speed, launch and spin. Longer, straighter, better looks and definitely lower spin off the tee.


When I got back to Review of titleist 913 d2, I tried to find one with the same shaft and specs and ran into a bit of trouble.

If it is truly more titoeist, it might be worth it to upgrade. I approve of the more sinister looks, and have trouble imagining doing more to the drivers.

Titleist D2 Driver Review – Golfalot

The driver was set 9. The D2 comes in with a full i.

The numbers count from the lower right-quadrant while the letters count from the upper left quadrant. It had a different shaft in it than what comes in it standard.

Thicker in the middle and progressively thinner towards the edges, the insert is designed to give improved ball speeds on off-centre strikes.