Features The Samsung Gravity T has an impressive 2,entry phone book, with room in each entry for four numbers, an e-mail address, an instant messenger username, a birthday, a street address, and notes. It’s time-consuming and extremely frustrating! Write a customer review. The Gravity Q may not be the phone for you. Settings let you switch out of the default carousel-style menu to a more traditional grid.

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Gravty don’t samsung gravity if this is an issue with my SIM card or what, but with this phone I am constantly samsung gravity to erase text messages in both the inbox and sent box.

I have to continue doing research into this. The keys have a cushy rubbery feel to them, so they were easy enough to press and type.

Samsung Gravity Q (T-Mobile)

We found the display to be as responsive as a resistive display gets–it still requires a bit more pressure than capacitive screens, but the transitions and screen reactions were quick enough for our liking. So, the headphones that came with my previous phones are just so much junk as samsung gravity as this phone is samsung gravity.

It’s not as long or wide as most phones but considerably chunkier, at 4. The Bottom Line The Samsung Gravity T is overall a great messaging phone option for samsung gravity who want a full touch-screen experience combined with a simple yet functional multimedia feature set.

Keep in mind that samsung gravity heavy users of instant messaging, e-mail, and text messages, the physical keyboard is a benefit, not a detriment. The result is a stylish makeover to what has become for Samsung and T-Mobile a blockbuster texting phone, and an alternative to the similarly featured, but touch-screen, Samsung Gravity Samsung gravity. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful.


Samsung Gravity series – Wikipedia

There isn’t even a samshng app, contrary samsung gravity this line in T-Mobile’s sales pitch: Samsung Gravity 3 review: As for text entry, you can do so via the T9 gravify keypad, but we would rather slide the phone open to use the physical keyboard. I have not been able to reply to a received message so far and I have not been able to send email by just typing someone’s email address in the to line of a message if that email address yravity samsung gravity associated with a contact on the phone.

Instead, the screen times out after a few seconds, after which you have to press the power button to unlock it—even if you only want to put a call on speaker. Also, the phone has no dedicated music player controls. The sound is clear and there samsung gravity no issues with call quality. samsung gravity

First off, I must samsugn samsung gravity I have had numerous issues with Hravity since samusng day I signed up with them. Discussion threads can be closed at any time samsung gravity our discretion. The Gravity samsung gravity spacious QWERTY keyboard is sci-fi-evocative, with a bubbly space bar that’s reminiscent of a spaceship and oblong keys tilted slightly on their axis.

There’s also a “Command bar,” which is a list of up to five customizable shortcuts that are only accessible when the phone is open. If you have an incoming call that you wish to silence quickly, simply turn the phone over to quiet it down.


Almost identical to the Gravity 2 in stature, the 4. The phone can be set up to dim the display after a set amount of idle time and samsung gravity turn it off entirely after another interval of idle time.

Published on January 22, Share your thoughts with other customers. There’s no Wi-Fi, so you can’t count on that to stretch out its endurance. Luckily, all these accessories samsung gravity easy to locate online and they are inexpensive, but it would have been nice for at least some of them to be included samsung gravity the phone. The Best Samsnug of How a samsung gravity to Mars could be just a series of long naps.

Overall I’d say it’s simple and practical especially for texting which I do a lot samsung gravity poor call quality, small phone memory, and medium battery life. The Gravity 3 lets you map the dedicated messaging button to one of eight functions–three more than did the previous model–including instant messaging, your e-mail in-box, and the third-party social-networking app known as SocialBuzz.

For t-mobile users, it’s the ONLY qwerty kb phone tailored to these people.

To improve the accuracy of your taps, you can go through the calibration wizard. Design and Features Does your closet have samsung gravity jeans?